We all want to live life on our own terms, right? I mean – who doesn’t? But to do that, you’re gonna have to work for yourself, be your own boss, or build a business where you call all the shots. Today I’m going to talk with you about the #1 thing you need to know before implementing any of those fancy six-figure business ideas of yours…

So if you are anything like I was then the idea of having your own business can seem daunting. Right off the bat, some people seem to have plenty of six-figure business ideas, yet absolutely no idea how to implement any of them. I wasn’t like that though, you know…

If you’re like I was then you have no idea what you would sell. It may feel like, about any one thing that you know how to do, you’re thinking to yourself:

  • “Well, this seems like a sort of employment task and I don’t know if I can package that and sell it online.”
  • “Do I know how to do this well enough to do it on my own as an independent consultant.”
  • “Do I know this skill well enough to market myself as a professional at it?”

The thing is, when we get thinking along these lines, the underlying belief there is that we are not enough.

People in the tech industry commonly have this underlying belief. It drives us to keep learning and learning and learning. Learning isn’t a bad thing in itself, but what happens when we just keep learning about all different sorts of topics and never really claim any domain specialty is that we become a Jack-Of-All-Trades and we master nothing at all.

That might not be so bad if you’re an employee, because it allows you to perform multiple types of tasks for your employer. BUT if you want to turn one of those six-figure business ideas into a real business, then you need to get REALLY, REALLY clear about what it is that you do, and what it is that you don’t do.

This means you will need to resign some of your areas of expertise… and then specialize in other more favorable areas.

This means you will need to resign some of your areas of expertise; Possibly those areas that you don’t enjoy as much as others (or areas where there may just be less of a market for that skill). You’re going to have to put those areas of expertise aside, and then specialize in other more favorable areas.

You have to have a specialty in something.

Without this clarity in your business, it’s almost impossible to develop signature packages. And your signature packages are what’s going to help cultivate value and earnings in your business. You have to have a specialty in something.

With this clarity, you can market your offers and communicate your business’s purpose in a clear, concise and intelligible manner. You can communicate your value proposition to the rest of the world. You really have to have all this in a business.

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